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 I wanted to introduce myself as the Lady with the hat,  this is how I shall hereinafter be known …  February 28, 2009

Recovery with a hat just what is the addiction,  Notice the mouth piece is missing yet I am writing my words down for the world to view.  I am wearing Dark glasses because I believe you will not recognize me with them on. 

So say’s she “welcome to the world of what it is… Recovery… Say what you mean, mean what you say and don’t say it mean.

Kinds of Recovery;  Partnership and love addicts women who love to much giving everything they have to the man who blows their skirt up.  Needing him more after each encounter like gas to make the car go.  Water to quinch the thirst.. It is an addiction when all I can think about is him. (or Her this is not a prejudice disease)

I keep checking the messages on my phone and my emails my text messages where is he..  I am obsessing… Are you with me so far?  Have you ever met a addict who could not focus without their Ishim?  This is you with out your main squeeze. This can be a male or Female that has this intense reaction to a relationship.  No boundaries or sense of where you end and I begin.   Read some more Boundaries, Love addicts, Sex addicts, Codependents, Denial and People pleasing.

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