We have witnessed the ruthless attacks by anonymous posters against persons who are different from them or remain easy targets due to their innocence, naiveté, blind faith, unconditional trust of their fellow man.   Cyber bullying remains a problem but has subsided sharply due to new stalking and harassment laws and aggressive enforcement by local, state and federal authorities. For that we thank them. To the perpetrators we are saddened you choose to waste any precious moment in life living vicariously through others rather than challenging us with meaningful dialogue and legitimate criticism which requires more than double thumb dexterity like research, time and thought; Lord have mercy!


Eternity not diamonds is Forever

And if I shall go, and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and will take you to myself; that where I am, you also may be:

John 14:3-Douay-Rheims Bible [3]


I was taught to be careful what I prayed for as I might just receive it! Just ask Midas the King with the golden touch.

Maybe Charlie Sheen will allow the sun to shine in and open up his party palace once in a while like on Valentine’s Day to host a charitable event, dinner and or silent auction for a worthy cause. We would lend our talents to insure his and the events/evenings success.

In the meantime this Valentine’s Day please take a moment and affirm someone, anyone or everyone in your life. We want to affirm Ashton Kutcher who doesn’t believe in special occasions like Valentine’s Day preferring the utopian edict that every minute of every day of every year we should affirm and tell those family and friends that we love them. I feel the same way about Christmas; but until we can master such benevolence we will continue our preparation here on earth reaching skyward to embrace our Heavenly Father through contemplative and meditative prayer until the day that we prostate ourselves at the judgment seat of Almighty God with Christ as our counsel and witness for the truth rebuking the Devil who is seeking to claim our souls for all eternity.

In the meantime let your Soul Shine!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Christopher and Tammy Campbell

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[1] St. Valentine

[2] Living Free in Christ: Neil T. Anderson Chapter 1: I am accepted page 22

[3]   John 14:3 Douay-Rheims Bible

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