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Saint Patrick lived form about 389 A.D. to 461 A.D. at age 16 he was captured by Irish raiders and taken to Ireland as a slave. After six years, he heard a voice in his sleep telling him to escape.† Trusting in God. He walked over 200 miles to the cost where he found the ship which was waiting for him.

Filled with the Love of God. Patrick becomes a priest and tried to return to Ireland to teach the Irish about Godís Love.

At last he was made into a Bishop and sent to preach the gospel in Ireland. His life was in constant danger from the pagan priests who strongly opposed his teachings and tried to have him killed. Finally he converted some of the local kings. With their help and protection he preached Godís Word to the Irish people and baptized thousands of them for Christ.

Many legends have grown up about St. Patrick. The most famous recalls his driving the snakes out of Ireland by beating a magic drum.

As the patron saint of Ireland. St. Patrickís feast is celebrated in Ireland and throughout the world on March 17.†††

Compliments of Missionary Oblates

of Mary Immaculate.

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