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It would be better to be thrown into the sea with a millstone hung around your neck than to cause one of these little ones to fall into sin

Luke 17:2 [16]

Our Catholic leaders often reward evildoers, punishing those who stand against the immorality of perversion and other sins only contemplating and reversing their closely held beliefs centuries later as in the case of Mother Mary MacKillop the founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph in Australia’s outback who was briefly excommunicated in part because her religious order exposed a pedophile priest. She now newly canonized as a saint.

Our Holy church has been complicit in persecuting innocent victims for at least one hundred if not a thousand years by punishing the accusers, rotating sexual deviants and perverts from parish to parish and only when the liability exceeded their ability to pay they liquidated assets bought and paid for with congregate money. The church where you were: baptized, confirmed and married sold at auction!

Except for a few select resignations our fearless leaders remain in power. A simple solution is to restore the married priesthood the established order for the first one thousand years of the church. The last time we checked Peter the Apostle of Christ was married and according to Clement of Alexandria he fathered children. Peter’s wife also suffered martyrdom. [17] The Risen Lord confirmed Peter’s precedence. [18]

 [15]: Galileo whose reputation was restored after a cool four hundred plus years for supporting the heliocentric view which placed the Sun not the Earth at the center of the Universe. Critical church thinking of the time that man living on Earth resided at the center of the Universe.

 Some things never change which is why you our Holy Father Pope Benedict the XVI can set an example for us all a gesture of humility and contrition for the sin committed in abeyance of leadership on your watch and that of our previous Shepard’s of the universal flock by abdicating your position as the Head of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

A friend of mine from St. Joseph Husband of Mary in Las Vegas had a vision that purgatory was filled with the souls of clergy. We were in church at the time and I think she really meant hell.

In a blink of an eye Notre Dame surrendered its status as a pre-eminent center for Catholic academic excellence to appease Lucifer utilizing a man drunk with power, a person without boundaries, the President of the United States a trick foisted by the evil one but sanctioned by the Lord as a test much like the temptation of The David Stockton family and “Just Cookies” who said “No”.

 But prior to the failure at Notre Dame President Obama requested that Georgetown University cover up the Crucifixes and their own Monogram; The University founded by The Jesuit Religious Order in 1789 complied with his squeamish demand. A victory for the tempter and failed spiritual test by a formerly prestigious Catholic University also now abdicating their core beliefs on national television as we watched purple cloth covering the corpus of our Lord and Savior; a testimonial to the spiritual abeyance and lack of personal and professional boundaries by a detached leadership the denial of our Lord as if spoken by Peter in the courtyard by these irreverent teachers of what, ontological nihilism? The Priests of this vanguard for Catholic Education extolling great titles and privilege on each other were easily duped regarding their sole mission to spread the gospel for a flimsy excuse especially when requested as the deceased body of Christ Hanging on the cross might provide discomfort for the anointed one [11] without personal or professional boundaries; an invited guest who has assured us once again that he is not Muslim but Christian. But what if it is worse and according to David Limbaugh in his new book Crimes against Liberty and Tyranny President Barack Obama suffers from one of the eight major personality disorders or more specifically messianic narcissistic behavior an association that is almost untreatable as when confronted in therapy the afflicted flee which may offer an alternative explanation as to why this president is incapable of accepting any responsibility for the economic malaise or other perceived negative influences, either foreign or domestic, in the lives of Americans projecting instead blame for day to day life; the circumstance of his making or participation first onto his enemies, then neutrals and finally unto his own inner circle, wife, children and/or invisible aliens and finally God. Our president suffers from a serious mental health disorder and his early resignation or legal removal represents the best interest of the citizens of this United States.


'Can a mortal be more righteous than God?

Can a man be more pure than his Maker?

Job 4:17 [13]

The message appropriated that day in the halls of Georgetown University through the power of the cross and venue that would not permit two messiahs to appear side by side.

But it’s not the fault of President Barrack Obama who continues to play his role like the Pharaoh of old whose obstinate attitude gave glory to God through the destruction of his army, each and every one lost in the Sea.

 The lesson is for us each and every one of us is to decide whether we seek tall handsome charismatic movie star personas of questionable backgrounds insulated in academia and living a life of privilege on the public dole or effective leaders who may misspeak, stutter, possibly less visually appealing or loaded with any of many other image defects but whose life experience and spirituality remains second to none for elevating the lives through commerce not connections of those in their orbit, church and community. After all the Lord provides us the leaders we deserve, doesn’t he?

Our Lord is merciful to us so let us not make the same mistake twice as the next idolized preference may sweep to power and with an iron hand that would make the ghost of Joseph Stalin weep.

Our President has played on our vanity too; elevating the fear of death and dying to an art form to gain control of fully twenty percent of the economy, reduce the effectiveness of the delivery of health care and diverting resources meant for medicine to other priorities or enhance his/their personal fortunes. Meanwhile as a diversion local community organizers and council members cast votes instructing McDonalds to diversify their menu and hold the toy.

Are we so afraid of getting sick that we will sacrifice our future for healthcare reform rather than implementing appropriate exercise routines, dietary reforms and paying our medical bills with cash? The last time I checked it still worked. We carried a $5,000.00 dollar deductible on our personal health insurance plan and gladly paid the $600.00 Orthopedic Bill for examination and casting of the partial tear of my Achilles tendon.

 The message which remains most difficult especially for Catholic Pew Potatoes is that the wages of sin is death regardless of our vanity to remain timeless through the consumption of face lifts, cow bovine injections, stomach stapling, vacuuming the fat from our guts, hair transplants, wrapping our heads in toxic chemical treatments, urinating so many prescriptions away that trace amounts are now consumed by all in our water supply, a ballot initiative in California to legalize pot the hybrid cross pollinated potency so powerful now an emulator of LSD rather than weed [14] and what would we be without highly stressed out middle aged men buffering a woody compliments of Viagra while our souls wilt from spiritual malnutrition.[3] 

St. Paul teaches us that the sexual sin is especially deviant as all other sin is committed outside of the body but the sexual sin is committed against one’s own body and temple of the Holy Spirit. The sexual sins of Fornication, Adultery, Homosexuality and Bestiality; each considered a Mortal Sin in the Catholic Faith remains for all time a violation of the Seventh Commandment [4] for the faithful and adherents of Judaism and Christianity.

If we don’t believe that the wages of sin is death and the especially horrible consequences foisted onto innocent children and spouses by the unfaithful amongst us then let’s just ask Bob Crane. Oh he’s dead, bludgeoned to death possibly with a camera tripod in his Scottsdale motel room 1987 and the subject of the must See “Auto Focus” starring Greg Kinnear as Bobbie, William Dafoe as John Carpenter.[5] and Maria Bello as Bob’s love interest in Hogan’s Heroes and then his wife. This film demystifies sexual free love through the degenerate escapades of an untreated love and sexual addict as we journey along through the down draft in his life as this sexual compulsive is willingly alienated from family, friends, employment and all that is good in this life ultimately for death alone in a non descriptive motel room.

Mel Gibson was willingly seduced by a temptress and is currently residing in a form of self imposed purgatory. We love Mel Gibson and always have even if he practices a form of Catholicism that if attended by us in Las Vegas could lead to our excommunication. We read or heard that Pope Benedict XVI has extended an invitation to the ultra conservative among us celebrating the Latin rite. So maybe one day we will attend Mass together.

 Mel Gibson is a deeply spiritual person who succumbed to the same temptations that are prevalent in us all each waking moment of our lives. Mel Gibson we have silently stood with you from the beginning. It’s not about your anger. How dare she want the telephone number to your therapist? No boundaries there! Your life and cumulative body of work speaks for itself.  Many people were reawakened to the depth of their faith when watching Passion of the Christ and believers and non believers alike openly wept. You diverted souls from the clutch of the princess of darkness. Did you not think your temptation was next?


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