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Christianity and the Cupcake Culling


Q: Whose prayers are more powerful; gamblers or people in church?

A: gamblers- they really mean it!


The American Family Association of Indiana reported that the city of Indianapolis may evict a bakery called “Just Cookies” and its owner from a city owned market for refusing a special order request from a homosexual group for a “National Coming out Day.”

David Stockton the business owner cited moral objections in his refusal to honor the request of the homosexuals. According to the Indianapolis Star the group has since had its order filled by the “Flying Cupcake” however they have circulated memos asking people not to patronize “Just Cookies”.

So there you have it! How could a business owner in this day and age make such a politically incorrect calculation after the trashing for years on the internet of one Carrie Prejean a lone voice of dissent that fateful night in Las Vegas, Nevada affirming her deeply held religious beliefs that Marriage a sacrament conferred by Almighty God for one man and one woman to celebrate their love for each other, to worship God, and to conceive children or her friend Lauren Ashley another voice of solidarity quoting the Old Testament regarding the consequences of engaging in homosexual affairs as the forfeiture of life by the offending parties and who was instantaneously condemned by the city council of Beverly Hills, California.

We believe that the Lord is using the cupcake kids to test David Stockton, the local community, Christians who are aware of this story and of course our fearless leaders on the city council in Indianapolis whether they participated in the vote elevating the status of gay and lesbian people, a rather cruel condemnation in of itself, or not.

Micah Clark of the American Family Association of Indianapolis predicted this sort of event was inevitable when the city council passed the sexual orientation city ordinance five years ago. In their wisdom the council appropriated sexual orientation to the moral equivalent of race. Micah Clark ponders aloud what would happen if a Muslim bakery was the offending party? Would they instruct the cupcake kids to follow them out back behind the building to fill their order? Is it necessary though to fallback onto a religion some of whose adherents commit honor killings to protect their belief system from blasphemous attacks or the perception therein? In some countries Muslim converts to Christianity must flee or face persecution and death threats from within their own family.

Why not invite Christians to wake up to the call, get up off our dead asses or other beasts of burden and support those to which we are forever washed in the blood of Christ.

Any civil libertarian, economists and the occasional atheist would suggest in this recession {depression} that the local council is damaging the community at large through the revocation of a tenant in a city owned market who has faithfully paid their rent and taxes for the last twenty years and apparently continues to thrive serving their customers requests for sugary and yeast enhanced variations of non sacramental bread of life.

The straight talking Howard Davidowitz stated the current stock market advance is nothing more than a suckers rally and commercial real estate in the United States averages 19 square feet for each man, woman and child and by his estimate is overbuilt by about one third.

We are now experiencing the consolidation of commercial real estate never before witnessed in the United States as the poor allocation of capital to building strip malls everywhere has ushered in an era of elongated ghost towns replete with savvy tenants seeking to renegotiate their leases for better terms and according to Walter Zimmerman we are quickly approaching a maturity wall where massive amounts of debt including commercial real estate, sovereign, private, municipalities, non real estate commercial, and other paper will be subject to refinancing all in 2012.

The clock is ticking and since the government with its insatiable appetite for debt consumption will suck most of the oxygen out of the room.

The refinancing of commercial real estate and other perceived high risk transactions may be perilous at best resulting in massive defaults of these properties nationwide the commencement of the bottom in commercial real estate prices this economic recovery forestalled by repetitive government intervention.

Delaying the inevitable real debt destruction required to promote healing and a new beginning.

David Stockton and his family owned business of “Just Cookies” may increase his profitability if evicted by securing a lease in a more desirable area of town for a fraction of their current payments or stall the process long enough to purchase a distressed property for the costs of monthly payments or a little bread on the barrelhead. [9]


After the earthquake came a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire…

1st Kings 19:12 [12]

In the meantime as Christians if we hear the call what are we to do? We must vote out these robot signers in Indianapolis and elsewhere who for a $50.00 order would sell their souls in blind faith promoting the idolatry of man. “They worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator[10]. These free radicals have permeated our school boards, county commissions in Indianapolis, Beverly Hills and elsewhere, continuously obstructing our ability to live according to our own informed conscience. We must support our brothers and sisters at the time of their trials by lending a hand, purchasing their goods and services and stopping these relentless attacks when any Christian sets a moral example.

Otherwise we shall go the way of the University just down the road in spirit glide from Indianapolis as Notre Dame whose Priestly leaders conferred an honorary doctorate on President Barrack Hussein Obama a supporter of abortion rights and federally funded embryonic stem cell research in the United States. The valiant believers protesting this disgraceful event were subject to arrest and other sanctions by this supposedly Catholic University infiltrated and now controlled by neo liberal Marxists and atheists posing as theologians sporting Roman Collars but who retain contempt for those supporting their lives of privilege. Why else would they discount the will of over 300,000 petition signers seeking cancellation of this abomination disguised as a unifying event?


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