2. Catholicism

My fiancé introduced me to Catholicism. We remained celibate while sharing the same residence until we were married the next year. I called my Mother to ask if I was previously baptized as an infant and she said: “just fake it.” I accepted her response that the answer was “No”.


On Holy Saturday of 2001 I was Baptized by immersion, Confirmed and received My First Holy Communion during Mass. My fiancé and I were married in the same Church of St. Joseph Husband of Mary in Las Vegas later that May.


Prior to our marriage my fiancé and I flew into Oakland and rented a car to attend my Brother Robert’s wedding. We stayed at my friend Dana’s home for an evening then attended Catholic Mass on Friday Morning and Saturday afternoon departed for San Francisco where we barely made China town prior to the merchants shuttering their businesses for the night.


They let us duck in under their half closed gates and we made a number of purchases on the spot and then drove all over San Francisco looking for a hotel but none were available due to some major tech conventions. We finally found lodging in Campbell California across the street from the Hick’ry Pit restaurant where they smoked their meat overnight and outside. Though we checked in at 3:00AM we were both having the time of our lives with the aroma and returned after the wedding to pack some brisket, sausage and bread for the road.


The next day we attended Robert’s wedding and I chatted with my mother for a total of one minute. The ceremony was held on a bluff above the valley and presided by a rent a minister and then everyone retired to the reception which was held in of all places, of course, a below ground wine cellar.


My mother sat at the guest of honor table and we were seated with my sister and her soon to be ex-husband and prominent Pediatric Dentist at the last table adjacent to the restrooms. 


The maid of honor was so inebriated that she stood to propose a toast reading her words off of some scribbles on a roll of toilet paper. A short time later she was walking to the bar and someone accidentally stepped on the trailing part of her dress or train and most of it ripped away from her body now attired more like Wilma Flintstone than the Maid of Honor. Those near her laughed uproariously and she not knowing what happened ordered another beer while leaning on the bar half naked from her bra strap to her panties and down to her heels. 


We left shortly thereafter before the alcohol fueled reception went completely awry. During the event to celebrate the marriage of my brother he and I never spoke once. We spent several thousand dollars to attend his wedding and yet he was as emotionally vacant as ever.


The following year when we were married, my sister and my Father who I had reestablished relations with years prior attended our church wedding and My Father Bob beamed when he gave me away.


My husband reminds me on occasions when I want to fret over my lost relationships with my Mother, Brother and Children that I have accepted the Lord and I have new brothers and sisters in my life of adherence to Christianity and my faith community and yet true to the word of the new testament I was attacked by my own daughter for my commitment to recovery and my new faith. [4]


Luke 9:60 New Living Translation: But Jesus told him, "Let the spiritually dead bury their own dead! Your duty is to go and preach about the Kingdom of God."


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